FAQs on Summer Camps

What ages is this camp for?

The LEGO® camp is for kids ages 8-13, kids that will be in grades 3-6 for the 2019-2020 school year.

The Bloxel and 3Doodler Pen Camps are for ages 8 – 16.

Will my child bring home their LEGO® robots?  Do they get to bring anything home?

Unfortunately the answer is no.  The kits the children will be using are worth more than the cost of the camp.  We use the same kits for different camps so we are unable to let the children bring them home.  We want to share this experience with you so pictures and videos will be taken each day and posted to the website so you can see all of the great projects for yourself. 

On the first day your child will be able to create their own mini-figure that they will be able to use throughout the week and then take home on Friday.  

What is the teaching ratio?

There will be 1 trained Camp Counselor for every 4 kids.  Our camp counselors are trained 9th grade students who are earning money to go to Spain with their school.  We also will have some high school students who have gone to the World Championships in robotics assisting us!  Jill Gibson will be overseeing all groups and interacting daily with your child.

Can we purchase the kits used at camp?  

I don’t personally sell them, but the last time I checked Amazon they were listed for $199.95.  This is just for the basic kit.  At camp the campers have access to extra motors and thousands of additional LEGO® pieces.

Do you know of a good place to buy LEGO® pieces?

We encourage our participants to go and visit Mini Figure America (2465 N Main St, Suite 12C) in Sunset.  They are a local business that sells used LEGO® pieces.  They are incredibly helpful, go check them out!  

What is the dress code for camp?

The campers can wear their choice of pants or shorts and any shirt they are comfortable in providing it covers their stomach.  The room is air conditioned and we keep it fairly cool.

Should my child bring a snack to camp?

North Davis Preparatory Academy is a food free school (except for school lunches provided during the school year).  We have many children with various allergies so we will not be having snacks.  We encourage all parents to make sure their child eats a proper breakfast or lunch so they do not get hungry at camp.  Labeled water bottles are encouraged.

** If your child signs up for both a morning and afternoon camp, they may bring a sack lunch to eat between the 2 camps.

Do I need to sign-in my child when they come and sign them out when they leave?

When your child is officially registered for camp you will receive an email with some papers that need to be signed.  As long as you have turned in those papers on the first day you do not need to sign-in or out.  Your child can come to the classroom when they get to camp and they will be waiting for you outside the front doors when camp is finished.

If my child has to miss a day, can I get a refund?

No.  Once you have signed-up and paid your child has filled that spot.  There are only 20 spots per camp so we keep the student teacher ratio small.  We cannot let kids just come for one day so if they need to miss a day, I’m sorry but no refunds will be given.

Is there a cut-off date to register my child for camp?

As long as there are openings you can register the day of.  Although last year we sold out by the middle of June so you will want to register as soon as possible.  Once we have 20 students registered the camp will be closed. 

Why choose Adventures in STEM camps?

Each session is limited to 20 students. 1:4 ratio for counselor and campers.  We offer very competitive pricing.  I am a mother, I know how much camps cost and I am giving you a great “bang for your buck!”  For the LEGO®  camps, your child will be able to use the WeDo 2.0 kits, i-Pads and have access to thousands of LEGO® pieces each day. 

The Bloxel camp, your child will become the artist, game designer, storyteller, programmer, publisher, and player of their very own video game. The Bloxel instructor has experience teaching your kids to make sure they have an incredible experience and get the most out of their time. They will be learning critical thinking and develop science and engineering skills all through PLAY! The 3Doodler Pen Camp is where your child will be able to become a 3D printer themselves.  They will be able to create and build using plastic filament and then they will bring their finished products home to enjoy.