Afterschool STEM Adventures

We are currently offering an afterschool STEM program for grades K-6 at North Davis Preparatory Academy (NDPA)

Spring registration at NDPA is open now. Click here.

If you would like us to come to your school and provide afterschool STEM activities please contact us!

Adventures in STEM for NDPA Afterschool Program

The Spring program is held every Thursday immediately after school in the NDPA elementary building. It will run for 6 weeks: March 12th, 19th, and 26th and April 9th, 16th, and 23rd. There will be no class during Spring Break. Please meet in the elementary gym for the first class. Click here to register.

K-1 Students will be able to participate in a variety of activities that will give them plenty of time to create, explore, build and expand their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Some of the activities for Spring 2020 include: interacting and learning about reptiles and snakes, Engineering with Brackitz, discovering and exploring Armadillidium vulgare, the scientific name for a roly-poly or potato bug and more! Click here to register.

2-3 Students will learn the science behind and be able to create their own fidget spinners, interact and learn about reptiles and snakes, engineer and discover how chain reactions work and be able to experiment making their own chain reaction and modify and improve it to make it better and many more hands-on activities throughout the 6 weeks of classes. Click here to register.

4-6 Students will design, build and race their own cars using Brackitz.  They will build and construct bridges and get to try their hand at creating and designing their own video game using Bloxels.  They will also get to interact and learn about reptiles with activities tailored towards their age group and several other activities during the 6 week class. Click here to register.

All grades K-6 will be able to participate in “The Great Egg Drop” April 9, 2020 where each student will be awarded an award for “Eggcelence” for successfully protecting their egg or a “Scrambled Award” for learning one way not to protect an egg. 

Summer Camp STEM Adventures

Adventures in LEGO® WeDo 2.0 Robotics

Adventures in Advanced  LEGO® WeDo 2.0 Robotics

Adventures with Bloxels: Where you create, build and play your own video games

Adventures with 3Doodler Pens NEW THIS YEAR

Adventures with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Robotics NEW THIS YEAR

Here’s what parents are saying…

My son was super excited to attend the LEGOS® Robotics Camp offered last summer. I knew he would thrive in this camp as he loves to build and create with LEGOS®. This camp was special as it allowed him to bring his LEGOS® to life as he learned to code. So cool!  You can only guess what he wanted for Christmas… yep, LEGO®  robotics.  We hope there will be an advanced LEGO® Robotics Camp offered this summer so he can continue learning how to code and create!


My kids loved the camp and I am so pleased that you are going to be able to offer it again. My daughter begged me every day after it was over to go again.  She said “I have never had so much fun at school!” My son had to be talked into the camp but was also so happy to attend.  He said “This is science?!  It is fun! Thanks MOM!” These camps are worth it!


My two boys (12 and 8) came home every day expressing how much fun they had and how exciting it was.  My oldest said it was a great team building exercise with the other kids.  My youngest came home saying he made a few new friends and was excited by what he could build and learn all sorts of new things.  They immediately asked if they could do it again next year.  


My daughter (age 8) said, “LEGO® Robotics is very, very educational!  The LEGO® Robotics Camp was the funnest thing I did in June!  On the last day, I felt like crying because it was so much fun.  I did not want it to end.  If I take a Robotics class in high school, this will be helpful.” 


My 10-year old son loved the LEGO® Robotics Camp this summer! He was excited to go each day and loved learning how to program using LEGOS®. The cost was very reasonable for the amount of time he was there. We’ll be signing up next summer, too!


We loved LEGO® Robotics Camp for our son.  He was excited to attend and came home after each class telling us about the exciting projects that he made.  I love that he is learning and developing STEM Skills that help develop his problem solving and creative skills.  These are skills he will use throughout his life